Ingenious Evolution is niche strategy, implementation and ongoing execution partner for a variety of corporates, funds, projects and legal structures

Solutions for large business

Strategy Consulting and ongoing execution in line with our areas of specialisation:

  • Juristic structure strategy
  • Fund structure design
  • Due diligence support
  • Supply-chain optimisation
  • Strategic project design and execution
  • Governance and regulatory compliance strategy

Solutions for small business

Productised solutions based on consulting work to large business (off the shelf, plug-and-play)
Workshop-based advice on major sets of legislation

Example of recent work for large Southern African Corporates

Recent successes include 2 Automotive Sector funds, 30 general fund structures and 3 leveraged business builds

Over the past 3 years:
We designed and implemented over 30 legal and funding structures, examples:
2x Automotive Sector OEM Trusts (broad-based strategic projects and & social venture capital fund)
5 Multinational-backed Private Equity Funds
We designed and implemented an integrated self-funding social venture capital and education fund eco-system for a DTI subsidiary
We are the execution partner for 2 Leveraged Business Build Initiatives funded by an Automotive OEM
We are an ongoing execution and administrative support partner for two OEM ESD Trusts
We were a key design partner on a detailed black business growth fund design for a large multinational investment / insurance bank
We facilitated execution for feasibility studies for South Africa’s largest Fast-Moving Consumer Goods agriculture transformation / SVC fund
We’ve successfully designed and executed internationalisation strategies for South African-domiciled businesses establishing overseas bases

Clients over the past three years

Financial Services:

Major retail bank
Multinational insurance bank


Multiple automotive OEMs
Multinational mining equipment manufacturer
Multinational chemicals manufacturer
Multinational construction equipment manufacturer Medical equipment manufacturer Chemical equipment manufacturer

Business to Business Services:

Multiple small, medium and large providers (IT, financial, office design, media, advertising, logistics, consulting, retail, wholesale)

Fast-moving consumer Goods

Major multinational beverage manufacturer
Multinational cold-chain specialist

Construction Sector:

Various, including professional services and general construction

High net-worth individuals:

Two large private investment portfolio’s

Our Team

Our team consists of the following types of qualifications

Chartered Accountants
MBA's & Engineers
Finance Professionals


Ingenious Evolution is an international niche management consulting firm focused on turning legislative compliance requirements into growth opportunities through
a) synergistic design of our clients’ compliance strategies to fit growth objectives; and,
b) execution support for compliance strategies throughout the life of these strategies

We focus on compliance strategies that serve businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profits. In an increasingly complex compliance environment, we find our clients bogged down with demands placed by legislation that is unfriendly to business (even though the intent of the legislation is legitimate). Often, the immediate casualty is growth considerations as compliance takes most of the discretionary work time of senior executives. Our creative, thorough and considered approach helps our clients to forge win-win-win partnerships. This, in turn, allows them to do what they are supposed to: increase shareholder value whilst simultaneously making the society a better place to live in, especially for the poor and disenfranchised.

We also support Multinationals seeking to expand their footprint in Africa but who are unsure of the best approach to comply with local requirements. We have partners in most growth geographies and are well positioned to find and design synergistic growth models.


One of the important requirements in doing business throughout Africa is adherence to localisation demands. From South Africa through to Egypt, multinational businesses will find it difficult to participate in the formal economy without additional value-add to local residents. Ingenious Evolution has experience in designing and implementing synergistic structures to facilitate equivalent local ownership whilst enhancing the overall business case.

Our approach often involves the design of parallel structures which enables synergies with activities of our clients’ supply chains. As an example, we design venturing programs which allows access to local Entrepreneurs previously unable to participate in formal supply chains. Based on shareholder value created, this provides ownership equivalence to the multinational. It also allows for an overall synergistic relationship, without the multinational having to part with equity.


We serve multiple multinationals operating in Southern Africa, with a specific focus on the automotive, financial services and telecommunications sectors.

B-BBEE Compliance in South Africa | Ingenious Evolution is a Level 1, 51% black-women-owned contributor